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Dr. Susan Sheridan has spearheaded and expanded knowledge on the crucial relationship between early mark making and cognitive development.

"Dr. Susan Rich Sheridan's theory and practice describe and facilitate the radical importance of scribbling and drawing as spontaneous mind/body activity in early childhood, and the powerful connections between drawing and writing for thinkers of all ages." From Dr. Sheridan's website

www.omniglot.com A website dedicated to various writing systems, both esoteric and exoteric.

The Alphabet Synthesis Machine An interactive online artwork created for Art21 and PBS by Golan Levin with Jonathan Feinberg and Cassidy Curtis . The abstract alphabets produced by the Machine can be downloaded as TrueType fonts, and are entered into a comprehensive archive of user creations.

The Rembrandt Signature File "Rembrandt" is iconic for the quintessential artist.
"Rembrandt" didn't always have a "d' in it. All things on Rembrandt's signature and how it reflects his identity's evolution.