End Notes


One of my primary motivations as an artist is the perception that art and life are intertwined: both are about creation

The more art is considered essential to a balanced life, the more human beings can experience the fullness of their own potential, both individually & collectively.

Artists can look around for no reason other than that life is. From this sweeping perspective the possibilities for a cooperative and mutually respectful global community are clear to see.


Elian script is a writing system independently developed by me (C.C. Elian) as were the Chromatic Alphabet, and the Elian Sku Alphabet.


Currently, in 2016, I completed the Art of Nao, written on 34 large scrolls.
"Nao" is a word that I coined in order to combine the existential forces of Now and Tao. These two words have are associated with an inner awareness of one's daily life, and its context within the universe. The art of Nao describes how I view the role of words and imagination as our life's basic art materials. Through an understanding of the creative forces that keywords embody and our deliberate way of thinking about ourselves and about life's options, we can direct our reality with almost the same freedom that an artist has in creating their artworks.

Please see my homepage for images of the scrolls, and Books to purchase e-books of the scrolls, section-by-section (for those who like to study Elian script.)


For a full description of the structure, evolution and variables of Elian script please view this PDF. It has high resolution illustrations and is about 46 MB.


The term "conceptual calligraphy" was used earlier on until I realized that there could be many such writing systems based upon the concept of inherently aesthetic writing. Thereafter, I named my writing system "Elian script."


Text for Ten Worst Listening Habits in the Recycled Relatives Series written by Sharon M. Crawford of Bellingham, Washington. All other texts written by me.


Letter Arts Review interview with C. C. Elian - PDF

Thank you for your interest.
C.C. Elian

Contact: elianscript(at)ccelian.com


School of Visual Arts, N.Y. Majored in painting. Studied with Brice Marden, Richard Artschwager
Western Washington University, Washington.
Washington State University, BA-Social Sciences.

Western States Arts Federation/NEA Fellowship for Works on Paper 1992-1993.
Wirsche Award, Northwest Juried Art, 1992, Cheney Cowles Museum


2012: SWAN Festival - Cultural Disentanglements - Video
2011: Song: Waiting for His Ship to Come In - iTunes
2011: Write Makes Right - Writing Systems & Cultural Worldviews - eText on Amazon:
2009: November, 2009, S.W.I.T.C.H., video performance in Tiperrary, Ireland
2009: Ongoing broadcast of videos on Souvenirs from earth, Germany and France
2007: LongHouse Reserve, East Hampton - Performer for Yoko Ono benefit - directed by Maria Pessino
2006: Port Angeles Fine Art Center - Engraved Megalith
2005: Lucia Douglas Gallery, Washington, group show
2004: LongHouse Reserve, East Hampton - Assistant Director for "Labyrinth" - directed by Maria Pessino
2004 - Edison Eye, Washington - Drawings
2004: Museum of Northwest Art (www.museumofnwart.org) April 10 - July 11 - Group Show
2003: Poetry Performance, Oregon
2003: Gallery 138, New York2002:Meru Art, New York, one-person show;
2001: Gallery 138, New York, The Museum of Unspoken Desire, group show.
2001: Transamerica Pyramid Gallery, San Francisco, Calligraphic Legacy:
Contemporary artists influenced by Eastern art
; group show.
2001: Snohomish Art Center, Everett, Washington, Art of the Written Word, group show.
1999: An Exhibition of Northwest Concrete and Visual Poetry, the Hugo House, Seattle, Washington.
1998: King County Gallery, Smith Tower, Seattle. one-person show.
1994: Fuel Gallery, Seattle, Washington, one-person show.
1994: Port Angeles Fine Arts Center, one person show.
1992: Cheney Cowles Museum, Spokane,Washington, group show.
1992: Whatcom County Museum, Bellingham,Washington, group show.
1992: Northwest Annual COCA show, Seattle,Washington, group show.
1992: Northwest Departures Group show, Anacortes,Washington.
1992: Framemaker Gallery, Anacortes, Washington,


In private collections in Washington D.C., Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, the Sackner Archive of Concrete and Visual Poetry (Florida), and in the collection of the University of Washington Medical Center.